ASTM B88 Copper Pipes

WILKO copper pipe is manufactured using only the highest grade phosphorus deoxidized copper (DHP) complying with UNS 12200.

Combined with modern extrusion technology, the seamless pipes are produced in KOREA to meet stringent demands in plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Engineered to the exact specifications exceeding even the highest standards of performance, WILKO copper pipes offer superior products ideal for commercial, industrial and domestic usage.

The WILKO advantage

WILKO copper pipes are of the highest quality and manufactured to the strictest standards by our partner mills.

Positive material identification (PMI) test conducted on every WILKO import.

Seamless structure facilitates maximum flow with minimum internal resistance.

Full length of 6 meters and each pipe is capped at both ends to ensure cleaniness during delivery. Also available in pancake coils of 15mtr per vacuum pack.

Storage – each pipe is permanently stored indoors, minimising oxidisation and ensuring cleanliness prior to sale.

Resistant to ultra-violet exposure. Pipes will not degrade as a result of exposure to sunlight.

Non-flammable and impervious. Environmental friendly.

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