Pure Copper

WILKO stock superior high purity copper bars with a grading of 99.98%. With the market standard at 99.9%, these WILKO products are a notch above the rest. Our busbar and rods are available in both high conductivity electrolytic tough pitch (ETP) and high conductivity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC).

Both classes achieve an electrical conductivity of approximately 101% IACS (versus conventional busbar standards of below 98.0% ICAS) and are produced from grade "A" 99.99% LME registered brand of pure copper cathodes to meet various international standards.

WILKO offers copper busbar and rods which have the right conductivity, right formability, right flatness to become the right provider of choice for solutions to most electrical applications.

Technical Information

Standards :

JIS 3140 / 3250, EN 13601, ASTM B187 / B187M-06, AS/NZS 1567, TIS 408-1982, DIN 46433 / 1756

Purity :

min 99.98% (ETP), min 99.99% (OFC)

Electrical Conductivity :

> 100% IACS

Thermal Conductivity :

394 W/moK

Thermal Expansion :

16.8 x 10-6 / oK

Melting Temp :

1083 oC

Temper :

Half hard and Hard

Profiles Available :

Bus Bar (> 800 sizes in stock) Round Bar (from Dia 1.0mm to Dia 355mm) Wire (min 99.9% from Dia 0.3mm) Shim Coil (min 99.9% from thickness 0.05mm) Sheet (min 99.9% from thickness 0.5mm in standard sizes of 365mm x 4ft, 2ft x 4ft or 4ft x 8ft)

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