Cu25W75 Copper Tungsten

Physical Properties of Copper Tungsten (CuW) :

Composition :

Tungsten (W) 75%
Copper (Cu) 25%

Hardness :

94~96HRB / 210HV

Density :


Melting Point :

3410oC (Tungsten) 1083oC (Copper)

Boiling Point :

5660oC (Tungsten) 2595oC (Copper)

Bending Strength :

min 885Mpa

Solubility in water :


% Volatile by Vol :

Not Applicable

Odour :


Electrical Conductivity :

min 42% IACS

Profiles Available :

Rectangular / Round Bar / Tube / Tapping Electrode


Used extensively in engineering, electrical and electron industries as well as in metallurgy and in aviation.


Combining advantageous attributes of high conductivity of copper and low expansive property of tungsten, it is highly suitable for use in dense circuits and high voltage electrical devices, heat sinks, electrical contacts and electrodes.


Widely used in chip carriers, substrates, flanges and frames for power semiconductor devices.

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