C17200 Beryllium Copper

Physical Properties of Beryllium Copper (BeCu) :

Composition :

Copper (Cu) Remainder
Beryllium (Be) 1.8~2%
Cobalt (Co) + Nickel (Ni) min 0.2%
Cobalt (Co) + Nickel (Ni) + Iron (Fe) 0.6% max

Hardness :


Tensile Strength :


Elongation :


Yield Strength :


Profiles Available :

Rectangular / Flat Plate / Round Bar / Shim


Used for their superior strength, hardness and high electrical conductivity.


Like other copper based alloys, it can be machined in the hardened condition but it is far more superior in terms of dimensional stability and is able to acquire elaborate forms.


Excellent resistance to oxidation and abrasive wear.


Commonly used in the electronic equipment such as switch and relay blades, control bearings and in non sparking applications due to its corrosion, wear resistance and high conductivity which increases productivity and die durability.

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