Our Mission and Vision

The WILKO vision is clear. We aim to become a market leader – a trusted brand synonymous with the highest quality.

The WILKO mission is uncompromising. By conducting business in a responsible and professional way – always mindful of the faith and trust our customers have placed in us – we aim to become a valued supplier of high quality, competitively priced copper products. Through innovation, research, development – and the implementation of internationaIly recognised professional standards – we will constantly strive for perfection in everything we do.

How We Started

Back in 2008, we received numerous requests from our oil and gas customers to supply cost effective, high quality copper piping and fittings. To fulfil these requests, we began our search for partners who can produce high quality products meeting the stringent requirements of both ourselves and our valued customers.

Since then, recognising the business opportunity to satisfy demand from the fast expanding offshore and marine industries, we have been carefully studying the viability of marketing a premium brand of copper pipings and fittings.

Embarking on a journey that has taken us to numerous countries, visiting various mills, speaking with many different metals specialists, WILKO International was established in 2011. Having secured suitable partners, our constant and unrelenting quest for high quality and innovative copper piping is ongoing and will continue.

Who We Are
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