Who We Are

WILKO provides customers with a focused range of high quality copper piping and fittings from reputable suppliers. Our markets include the growing marine, oil and gas supply sectors, as well as the plumbing and refrigeration industries. As a specialised stockist of copper products, WILKO inventories also include high quality made in Japan brass sheets, made in Germany copper plates, various copper alloys and high purity EDM copper bars (minimum 99.98%).

We pride ourselves on having the ability to forge strong, long lasting relationships, by offering one-stop customised material solutions. The WILKO business model is based on our customers being both strategic partners and stakeholders. In 2011, WILKO launched itself as a premium copper specialist, with its own brand of copper pipes.

What We Offer

Eventhough there is a growing demand for good quality copper pipes and fittings, there are few competitors committed to supplying high quality copper pipes in the market segment due to higher costs.

WILKO aims to become a niche supplier, offering both high quality, competitively priced pipes and fittings, thereby giving the company a distinct competitive advantage.

How We Do It

As the demand for high quality copper piping and fitting products increases in the offshore and marine business, WILKO is ready to become an integral stakeholder in the supply chain. From mill to manufacture, the WILKO selection process for our products is both is both meticulous and uncompromising. Personal site visits are regularly conducted and factory representatives regularly interviewed. These procedures ensure we are able to deliver consistently high quality products.

Mission and Values
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